Slotty Vegas has figured out a great idea for anyone who loves to win, you can win extra money in addition to your usual winnings! The online casino is alone in having a concept like this, so why not become one of their most loyal players and win a big amount of money.

Get Supercharged wins

Slotty Vegas Casino is the only casino that lets you win Supercharged wins. Play your favorite games and earn extra money that simply will be added to your regular winnings every winning round you get.

The amount of Supercharge you get vary, it depends on how loyal you are to the casino. Therefore, the most loyal players will get the biggest wins.

Once your Supercharge has been added to your standard win, you get 20% more than you really would, so the casino pays back a bit of your money.


While playing, it’s important to keep an eye out for Turbocharged offers. That’s when you can take advantage of the 20% we mentioned earlier on top of your usual winnings.

Each time you play you always have the chance to win something because you can always get 10% back on your losses. You are basically getting a win-win situation, and you probably can’t find anything like this at any other casino.

Get your winnings

For your Supercharge to work, you must play with real money, no bonuses. Your winnings will be redeemable at 17:00 CET every day and you have 48 hours to collect your winnings from the previous day. The money will be credited to your account without wagering requirements.

Be sure to look after the games with a Supercharged icon to get your extra winnings. Before you start playing, read the full terms on Slotty Vegas Casino. Good luck!