On June 27, 2019, Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness opened their gates at Lucky Casino. It’s a new already popular slot with RTP of 96.59%. You will follow Riche Wild on a special mission on a 5×5 grid with a lot of fun features.

How it works

Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness is created by Play’n Go and is found on many popular casinos, including Lucky Casino. As mentioned before, you play on a 5×5 grid and to get a win you must match 4 or more symbols in a cluster. While playing you will encounter Wild Symbols that will help you win but also to unlock features. Tome of Madness has it’s own wild that replaces all symbols. Riche Wilde also has a wild that replaces all the symbols and also multiplies the win by 2. You also have the opportunity to win entire 2000 times the bet. You will not be bored by this slot as it has many fun features and great chances for winnings.

The Portal

You can win various functions from the Portal by increasing the Portal’s charge. If you can load the portal with seven symbols then two symbols on the game surface will be replaced by two special-wilds. If you manage to load it with 14 symbols then you also get two special-wilds. If you win on one of them then Abyss will be activated. The Abyss removes all symbols on the row or column that the wild is on and adds them to the Portal’s load.

If you load the Portal with 27 symbols, you get two wilds that replace two symbols. If you win on one of them then Void feature is activated. Void removes all the base-symbols and ads them to the loading of the Portal. If you fill the portal with a total of 42 symbols, an interdimensional portal opens that activates the Another World feature. Depending on how many symbols you got into the Portal, you can get three to seven different portal effects. A portal effect is activated after a cascade.

While Another World is activated, 11 or 12 eyes will be on the playing surface. By hitting a win on the eyes you can open them. If you manage to open all eyes, the third and largest wild will be added on the playing surface, the Mega Wilden Cthulhu. For each cascade, the wild moves down and destroys all the symbols in it’s path. Go to Lucky Casino and play the different slot games now!