When you least expect it happens, a player at Spinit Casino won a total of £200K NetEnt’s Divine Fortune Slot.

A godly jackpot

It was like a completely normal day at Spinit Casino, but the player Marc had his own plans. He decided to play at the casino to have some fun, which became an epic gaming experience at the casinos online slots.

Having it comfortable on the couch and playing through Spinits mobile casino was one of the best decisions he has ever taken. Marc started betting only £2 per spin, but did not know he was about to turn this £2 spin to a gigantic win. Marc got a jackpot at a whopping £221,638!

How it feels to win a jackpot

You can only imagine how it feels to win a jackpot, but for Marc it became

“I was just watching TV and decided to play. I told my wife, but she did not believe me. She said she will believe it when the money comes in!” He said to the casino. He added, “It felt amazing to win, and I have time off work at the moment, so it was a perfect timing!”

You probably wonder what Marc is planning to do with the money, right? “I’m renovating my house and extending it, so some of the money will be used for that. I have also been saving for a car and will buy one soon.”

Pure luck

And perhaps the most important question of them all, how did the player feel? “Everything felt a bit crazy since I’ve only played with Spinit since the beginning of this year.”

Marc said he chose Spinit Casino after searching for the best online casino. So if you want try it out as well, just register at Spinit Casino and start playing!