Joreels Casino is one of the many casinos that try their best to get their gaming experience to be good for all players, for example with different promotions and offers. Right now, the casino has a very special and popular campaign,called Rousing Roaring Races, so keep reading to find out more!

Fun every week!

If you think slots are among the best to play, Joreels Casino has fixed the perfect campaign for you. The campaign is a tournament that returns every week where you have the chance to win a total of £3000 in Megaspins.

You’ll notice that Joreel’s Casino has done everything for a great look for the campaign as the whole page looks very good. It’s easy to get all the information you need for example the rules and also how long you have left in the campaign.

How it works

Here are some important rules and information that are good to know so that you can make sure that you get everything. But remember to read the casinos Terms and Conditions before signing up.

The first race of the week starts on Monday and lasts until Thursday and has a prize pool of £2000 in Megaspins, which will be split to 50 winners. The next race starts on Friday and goes on to Sunday and has a prize pool of £1000 in Megaspins. To participate in the competitions, you need to bet on at least £0.5 and each time you spin the reels you will earn points that count towards the races leaderboard. The points you get depends on how much money you bet. If you compete between 19:00 and 23:00 CET every day of the week, you also get twice as much points.

Bet £0,5 and get 1 point
Bet £1 and get 2.5 points
Bet £2 and get 5 points
Bet £4 or more and get 8 points

So what are you waiting for, start competing today at Joreels Casino!